eLogs Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Section: Username / Password

I Lost my Password/User Name? How do I change my Password?

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FAQ Section: Printing Reports

My reports are missing data OR
I receive an error No contract data found! when attempting to print a report

All cases are logged under your current service/rotation. That service/rotation information is logged in the "Master Schedule" eLogs form. At the beginning of each new block or rotation you must enter that block's service/rotation into a new log.  These logs are designed to match the master schedule assigned to you by your Medical Education Department, and are required by the eLogs system in order to correlate patient data to your schedule.

Master Schedule:

Contract Year:


OGME Year / Training Year Note

OGME Year (Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education year) is the period of time post-medical school, tallied annually, that a physician spends in training for his or her specialty.

OGME Year and the Resident's Training Year are usually identical with a few exceptions. The OGME Year can be greater than the Resident's Training Year when the Resident has done a traditional internship or has changed residency programs.

For example, if a resident started his or her training in OBGYN and in their second year switched to Family Medicine, for their first year of Family Medicine Residency their OGME year would be "2 - Two" and their Resident Training year would be "FM - 1"


ACGME eLogs Importing:

Transferring eLogs to the ACGME case log system is not currently supported.